Train Experience in the Desert

Take a ride back in time on the Hijaz railway! Visit the restored train station and border the authentic steam train for a journey into the heart of the desert. The Hejaz Railway reenacts the Great Arab Revolt that occurred a hundred years ago. The locomotive sitting in the desert represents evidence of the old conflict that took place during the Ottoman Turkish Empire. You will know the whole story of the Arab Independence and how the Allied Leadership assisted Hussein bin Ali to conquer the Turks. The Arabs used to interrupt the train passages to hinder the Turkish lines of communication until the Great war ended. You can take pictures with the ancient train or step inside and participate in a mock battle as a part of a reenacting show as if you’re starring in the Lawrence of Arabia movie. An adventure at the desert’s Hejaz Railway station offers real historical gems that are definitely worth your time in Jordan. Get ready to witness the vast, golden desert in the dramatization of the Great Arab Revolt and see how it shaped the modern Middle East!



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